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Believe Survivors: Flat Black


25% of the proceeds from this pin are going to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) — thank you for your support with this charity pin!

The details:
1.5" wide by 1.2" tall
Hard enamel on silver plating
Three color options: Flat black, sparkle black (it seriously looks like space), and sparkle pink
Single post with rubber clutch

The story:
When I set out to be a pin maker, part of my motivation was to make pins that I would want to wear (of course). But another reason was to design pins that could collectively give back in some bigger way than I could as an individual. This design kicks off that intention.

"Believe Survivors" was fueled in no small part by the 2018 Supreme Court nomination hearings and the controversy that surrounded the interviews.

It also was fueled by my own experiences as a survivor of sexual assault, by those of a male friend in college who was assaulted at a party, and the many, many shared experiences I've heard from the women, men, and NBs in my life who've had their own encounters with sexual assault and, by and large, the doubt or ridicule we've all been exposed to when we've come forward with said experiences.

I wanted this pin to be inclusive and empowering, hence the language choice of "survivors." Sexual assault happens to everyone, but we will not be made victims of it. Wear it loud, wear it proud, and don't let the doubters knock you down or take your power away from you. You are so much better and stronger than any of them. 💖

This gorgeous pin is 1.5" wide and is available in three beautiful variants: Flat black, sparkle black (it seriously looks like space), and sparkle pink. All are hard enamel with a smooth finish and silver metal plating and a rubber clutch on a single post.

Thank you again for your support with my first-ever Charity Pin! Keep your eyes peeled for more great causes soon. Together we are stronger than ever.

Other Versions
Believe Survivors: Sparkle Black
Believe Survivors: Sparkle Pink