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Soooo, how's that federal investigation going? Or Brexit? How about that one thing in your life that you really wish your parents wouldn't bring up at the family event, but they insist on doing it every single time? And maybe you want to convey that you're trying really, really hard to be positive, because hey, that's your nature, but your shit's lookin' real dire and you honestly just don't want to discuss it at all.


My friend, I feel you. Because for a long while, I've been saying this too. And now you can let my little new pin do all the talking for you.

Gold plating, black hard enamel, double posting to keep it on the level or slightly askew (whichever fits your mood), with the Tibbin Designs logo stamped on the back. .42" tall and 1.5" wide, it's the perfect complement to any jacket, bag, hat, tie, or office cubicle memo board.

It really IS fine, and you're gonna be OK.

Tip of the hat to KC Green and our coffee-drinking friend for truly embodying how we have all felt for the last six years.